Re-discover the joy of writing


I remember many years ago, being a little one learning to write my name and all the letters of the alphabet.  Do you remember the excitement in learning to write?  It is much like the excitement of starting kindergarten as a child.  I sometimes watch as children come up to my wife’s booth at events we do and write their name on her rollzees.  They are very careful as they struggle to print each letter in their best penmanship.  As they finish, they have a big smile and sense of accomplishment in what they have just written. 


Ever wonder where that excitement for writing went?  I guess the reality is that after 12 years of school and then 4 years of college, we lose that excitement that was once there in kindergarten.  It becomes “old hat.”  As an adult it becomes a necessity on the job.  Sadly, many schools are not even teaching handwriting anymore.  Cursive handwriting is becoming obsolete and being replaced with technology.  Receiving a handwritten letter in the mail is almost unheard of in our modern society.


I have to admit that I am almost 53 years old, and I have felt that same excitement all over again as I discovered the joy of writing with a fountain pen.  It is a whole new experience with such a creative personal touch.  Trying different colors of ink is a very eye-opening experience.   Each new color puts a splash of excitement back into my writing.  I am enjoying writing so much I have started journaling, which I never thought I would do.  When the pen touches the paper and the ink starts to flow I sometimes feel as if I am painting the letters on the page. It is not what I write as much as it is the simple act of writing that brings out the kid in me.


If you have never tried a fountain pen, I encourage you to give it a try.  And I hope that you, too, will rediscover the joy of writing.