About Us

A&D Penworx is family owned and family run business located in Northwest Indiana.

I started making pens after moving further from work and needed to find smaller woodworking projects to relieve the stress of my daily job.  So I started making pens. After making pens for a few years I really started to appreciate the fountain pen.

I started selling my pens to friends and co-workers. Then started doing various craft shows and farmers markets.  I realized that many other people really like fountain pens like I do.  So I branched out my product offerings to ink and paper as well.

I really like to see the look on a young persons face when they try a fountain pen for the first time.  They are usually amazed at how nice they write. I am encouraged when a someone under the age of 18 buys a fountain pen for themself with their own money.

Please enjoy browsing the site.  Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.